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Re: New tetex (0.9*) question

"Damir J. Naden" <dnaden@inforamp.net> writes:
> just curios: why is tetex package so much bigger (in installed size) than the
> 0.4* version? Are there that many new features?
> I use Lyx under hamm system and wonder if there are any advantages of
> installing the 0.9 version at this point?
>From Thomas Essers README-file:

  News in release 0.9:
  - hyperlink-aware versions of xdvi / dvips
  - etex (version 1.1) and pdftex (version 0.11)
  - bluesky cm type1 fonts (just ``dvips -Pcmz ...'' or ``dvips -Pcm ...''
    if the cm fonts are known to your Postscript interpreter)
  - some array sizes grow automatically, some are run-time configurable in
  - each texmf tree can have its own ls-R file
  - updated packages (incomplete): LaTeX2e <1997/06/01>, Catalogue, 
    amslatex, de-tex-faq, fancyhdr, floatflt, fontname, german, graphics,
    koma-script, mfnfss, modes.mf, natbib, psnfss, pstricks, seminar,
    tools, ulem, xypic
  - some new packages (incomplete): ccfonts, hyperref, booktabs, 
    colortbl, comma, exam, overpic, sidecap
  - texinfo-3.11

Maybe the most place take the etex- and omega-files (newer variants of TeX,
one time in the future thought to replace it); note also the bluesky-fonts,
which are PostScript-type1-versions of Knuths Computer Modern.

But I don't think that LyX can get any advantages of all this new stuff in its
present state -- besides the updated LaTeX2e of course.


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