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Help! Windows95? Anyone?


   I realize that this is mailing list concerns Debian, but everyone here
has been so helpful so I thought I'd ask here first. I bought a used
harddrive yesterday so that I could install Debian and keep Windows95 on
my first drive. I tested a program called Master Booter to see how it
worked and now I cannot get my first drive to boot. Is there any way to
fix the master boot record so Master Booter doesn't have control? I even
deleted Master Booter, but it's still there at boot. Right now I'm using
the harddrive I bought yesterday. Fortunately, it already had Win95 on it.

  Also, I have the Windows95 setup on floppies. Disk #2 has been
corrupted. I found the Win95_02.cab file elsewhere. I copied every file
from the setup disks to my harddrive, hoping to reinstall Win95. It won't
let me, though. It asks for "Disk 2", but it won't let me browse for it.
It will apparently only accept it from A:\. I even tried formatting a
floppy disk with WinImage to DFM (?) so it would have 1.63MB on it, but
setup still won't read the Win95_02.cab. Is there a way to setup from my

   I really want to try Debian, but I need to correct these other problems

   I apologize for asking this here. I've searched every engine I could
find and have spent hours reading through mailing list archives, but I
can't find an answer to these questions anywhere.

   I'd appreciate any help I can get.


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