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Debian GNU/Linux 1.3 and WindowsNT?

I've looked through the FAQ's and didn't see this particular question
addressed, only Windows 95. I am planning to install Debian GNU/Linux 1.3
AND WindowsNT onto a PC and was wondering which order and what tools should
be used. I will be installing them on a 'new' machine with nothing loaded.
For the Linux side, I want to have the full 128M swap partition and a
partition for Linux itself. What size partition would you recommend for
Linux, I plan to use it primarily for C programming at first, as well as
Web surfing, until I get more comfortable with it, then I will probably use
it for most compatible applications. For the WindowsNT, I plan to use DJGPP
C compiler and Microsoft Office, as we use Office at work and I want to
stay compatible. We also use Lotus Notes 4.5 And I have a PalmPilotPro that
I sync with Lotus with there beta conduit. If Linux can access the Windows
partition, do I still need to keep a relatively large partition for Linux,
or can I keep most of my files and work on the Windows partition to allow
access from both sides? WindowsNT comes with an option to select the
operating system at boot, should I use this or one of the utilities I've
seen listed, or the batchfile technique? I plan to have at least 4G of hard
drive space when I buy the PC, how would you recommend splitting that
between Windows and Linux? Sorry for the basic questions but I have never
had to set up a PC for myself before and I don't want to have to
re-partition my hard drive more than once. I am used to sitting down in
front of a fully loaded and running system, but I feel it is important that
I load my PC myself to ensure it is the way I want. Thank you for your
patience and assistance and mostly for a powerful and free operating system
that is not crippled by proprietary and self gratifying code like the
system that comes pre-installed in most PC's.


     John Gay

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