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Re: Radius Server Authentication

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Noxon <jeff@planetfall.com>
To: Matthew D. Myers <mmyers@ourtownusa.net>; Debian User
Date: Tuesday, May 05, 1998 2:53 PM
Subject: Re: Radius Server Authentication

>On Tue, May 05, 1998 at 01:36:54PM -0500, Matthew D. Myers wrote:
>> I would like to know if there is some way to make linux authenticate
>> and ftp sessions from a radius servers' user list?
>The answer is probably, if you recompile login, ftp, etc. to use PAM,
>and then configure PAM appropriately.  But it sounds like a big pain,
>and I'm not sure how you'd get UID's and GID's from a RADIUS server.
>You'd still need /etc/passwd and /etc/group entries.  And you'd need to
>provide a way for users to change their passwords... and so on.
>Sounds like a better idea might be to hack RADIUS to use NIS for
>authentication.  But then again I can only guess about what you're
>trying to accomplish.
>Good luck,
Ok... what is PAM ?

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