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Re: securing debian

On Sun, 26 Apr 1998, Chris wrote:

> Just a point of note:
> If your brother has physical access to the machine there is no way you can
> stop him from getting root access.  
> You can increase the difficulty by setting the bios to only boot from HDD
> and then locking the bios - but if he's smart enough that you have to
> worry about the root password, he's going to know how to reset the bios.
> In addition, if you have dos/windoze installed as well, and he can run it,
> he can most likely reset your bios without even taking the case off (use
> one of the numerous bios hacking programs around).

If it is possible to get a Lilo prompt at boot time or to start Linux
using Loadlin, it is much simpler to get root acess than you think. Just
give the argument 'init=/bin/bash' (without quotes) to the kernel and
you'll get a root shell without questions, because the kernel runs bash
(as root) instead of init.


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