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Will boot from floppy but not from hard disk

I installed bo on my old 486, and the installation was
completely smooth, but I can only boot from the floppy, not
from the hard disk.  This is the second time that I tried to
install it, in my earlier attempt I could not boot from the
hard disk either.  I suspect the problem may be due to the
BIOS settings: a copy is attached here, they are all the
default settings except the setting for the Hard Disk type
47 RAM Area which has to be DOS 1KB according to a remark
buried somewhere in the LILO documentation.  Any suggestions
what I should do?  Your help is appreciated.

Trident Tuga Bios AS 5 A 5.1
1024K 32 Bits Bus DRAM VGA mode

AMIBIOS SETUP PROGRAM (1993) American Megatrends

Advanced CMOS setup:

Above 1 MB memory test: Disabled
Hard Disk type 47 RAM Area: DOS 1KB
Floppy Drive Seek at Boot: Enabled
System Boot Up Sequence: A:, C:
External Cache Memory: Disabled
Internal Cache Memory: Enabled
Fast Gate A20 Option: Enabled
Password Checking Option: Setup
BootSector Virus Protection: Disabled
IDE Block Mode Transfer: Disabled
IDE Standby Mode (Min.): Disabled

Memory Remapping: Enabled
F Segment Shadow RAM: Disabled
Video Shadow RAM: Disabled
Ext. Cache WB Feature: Enabled

4DMU=HL3SC/SM BIOS Ver 4.8 10/06/94

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Economics Department, University of Utah     (801) 581 7797 (my office)
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