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Re: What's the storywith 2.0?

On Sun, 3 May 1998 wfwg@mrdbx.com wrote:

> >From what you just said, you question would better be worded: When will
> 2.x be reasonably stable for a non-experimental user? As a non-developer,
> let me give you my best estimate:
> 	Never. History will probably repeat itself and the project will
> go even further away from this planet. Rather than focus on building a
> 2.0.x release that kicks ass, they will concentrate on playing with new
> toys.

[etc. etc. etc.]

Expressing these sentiments in this manner is unlikely to help your cause.
Bear in mind that the Debian developers are volunteers, and I've found
over the last 18 months of using Debian that they are extremely helpful,
hardworking volunteers.  Please, instead of spreading fear, uncertainty
and doubt in this manner make a positive contribution, either by helping
to fix problems you see in the distribution yourself, or choosing another
distribution which fits your needs more perfectly.

I feel that the effort that is being made to make hamm actually stable
before it is declared as such is very commendable.  If I wanted a rush job
I would go out and buy Red Hat.  I don't.  I want a high-quality
distribution with top-grade reliability and a large selection of packages
(the so-called 'toys' you complained about).  That distribution is Debian.


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