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Re: whoop

On Sun, 3 May 1998, Ossama Othman wrote:

> There was an effort to port the Glide libraries to Linux but I don't if
> the Rush supporting version ever was.  So, you may be stuck with 2D only,
> which really isn't so bad.  :)

All the information you'll ever need regarding this topic is on
3dfx.glide.linux which is hosted at the news.3dfx.com newsserver.

Glide exists for Linux for Voodoo1 cards only, though there is a detection
patch available for Voodoo2 cards to function...I've been using this and
it works fine.

Daryl Strauss is the official maintainer of Glide for Linux and he has
been working very hard to add Rush support.  He's had to modify the rush
Xserver to work with Glide the Rush-based cards are kinda tricky.
Imagine, the card has a 3dfx Voodoo Rush chipset for 3D plus an Alliance
AT25 chipset for 2D.  The 3D chipset does the rendering seaparately and
blits the rendered image of a bridge to the 2D chipset.  This is a lot
trickier that the combo 2d/3d chipsets that are out there.

Anyway, he still has some issues that are giving him a problem so he was
flying out to 3dfx (on his own dime) to meet with a 3dfx engineer to solve
them.  Rush glide support will come, but it will take more time.

BTW, full Voodoo2 support already works, he's just waiting for approval
from 3dfx to release it.

Matt Porter

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