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No sound, no nothing from OSSFree 3.8, SB Vibra 16


I'm a Debian (and Linux) newbie with OS/2 as my other system, and have been
struggling with several problems in my setup.  One is the (apparently
infamous) issue of getting my SB Vib. 16 PnP sound card working.  After much
playing about, I got the 3.8 ver. of the OSSFree drivers.  Installed
directly over top of the "old" (3.5) drivers.  Revamped the card settings
under DOS to the values given by menuconfig (irq 7, 220, 330, dma's of 1,5). 
Parallel port reset in BIOS to irq 5.  (Gotta learn about that too, as my
printer doesn't respond ... :(  )  Compiled the kernel with sound
incorporated (not modular).

On reboot, there is NO message about sound (the 3.5 drivers at least Tried
to initialize the card!), but somewhere further down from what dmesg gives
me is a line about card ID which was similar to what I saw when tinkering
with isapnptools earlier in my quest.  Trouble is it scrolls off screen too
quickly.  No sndstat exists.  I have an older ISA/VLB 486 system, and am
working with the 2.0.30 kernel off the 1.3 CD.

Anyone have some thoughts?  Should it be loaded as a module (following the
driver's instructions about configuring it outside the normal kernel
routines??) which I presume would then involve isapnp??  I am presuming help
exists in my Sobell book about scripts and rc files so I won't press my luck
on that one yet ... :)

Appreciate any help!



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