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Re: xconsole question (tkman)

On Fri, 24 Apr 1998, Adam Shand wrote:

> > Have you tried tkman? still, good old man is great :)
> just installed the debian package and now i get this message...
> badger(larry)> tkman
> Elide patch not installed in /usr/bin/wish8.0.
> You must apply the elided text patch to Tk and rebuild wish.
> See the Makefile for more information.
> is this a bug or have i done something wrong?

Have you compiled your own tk8.0 binaries? If not, you could have the
wrong version of the tk8.0 package. Did you use any --force flags on dpkg
when installing tkman? You need at least version 8.0p2-2 of the tk8.0
package for tkman to work.


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