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Re: Love, Life and Lilo

> I am using the Boot manager that comes with partition magic 3 (IBM thingy),
> and in order to boot linux it requires that Lilo is installed on the
> partition to boot. Quickly and easily, how do i install Lilo on /dev/hda6
> (thats the partition i want to boot) with only one boot option (linux on
> /dev/hda6).

Use liloconfig.  It will install a partition boot record on whatever
partition is appropriate and continues on to ask you whether or not you
want to install a master boot record.  Since you will be using another
boot manager (the IBM thingy :)) just answer "no" when liloconfig asks you
about the MBR.  Liloconfig explains each question it asks so you shouldn't
have any problem.
> sorry about that but i've only been at this 24hrs...

This list is here to help.  No need to apologize.  I have lots of
questions that I consider stupid, too.  :)


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