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hamm's last soaks up 9MB RAM


I recently updated an 386 with 8MB to hamm and after fixing utmp/wtmp I ran
last too check if everything is ok. It seemed to do nothing, neither ^C nor
^Z worked. I opened another ssh-connection and ps showed me

root       210  6.9 49.5  9952  3400  p0 D    13:39   0:02 last

After a while last completed sucessfully. I copied wtmp to a faster
hamm-box, which apearantly had no problems, but also used 9MB RAM.

bo's last only takes 800k - so what's wrong??

BTW: its from sysvinit_2.74-4


KeyID=58341901 fingerprint=A5 57 04 B3 69 88 A1 FB  78 1D B5 64 E0 BF 72 EB

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