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ppp as a server, works in bo but not in hamm.

I've been using pppd on a bo system to connect an older 486 Windows
3.11 laptop at home into my lan.  However, I can't get it to work on a
similarly configured hamm machine, and I was wondering if I'm missing

The laptop is a 486/25.  It's floppy drive doesn't work, or else I'd
have installed Linux on it by now.  I'm connecting it to the Linux box
via a null modem cable.

On each Linux box, I've got a getty entry in /etc/inittab so that a
terminal program running on the laptop sees the login screen and can
login no problem.  This works fine for both the bo machine and the
hamm machine.  (bo is I believe the 2.0.30 kernel, hamm is running the
2.0.33 kernel)

On the laptop I'm using Trumpet winsock, configured as,
gateway is the ip address of the Linux PPP "server", NetMask of

The bo system is, the hamm system is  I'm not
sure that's relevant to the problem though.

To start PPP I login to my Linux account through the laptop, start a
ppp script which contains:

exec /usr/sbin/pppd lock crtscts lock proxyarp -detach

I know it works when I see some random chars in the Trumpet Winsock
login window, at which point I activate Trumpet's winsock and can
telnet into the Linux box and do whatever.

Using the same setup under hamm, however, doesn't work.  I manually
compared /etc/ppp/options and disabled "auth" on the hamm box to match
the bo box.  I tried leaving the "auth" directive in /etc/ppp/options
and adding "noauth" to the script above without affect.

Launching ppp just doesn't work.  When starting I get no random chars
in the Trumpet Winsock window telling me that pppd is running.  After
starting up ppp on the Windows side I can't ping the box the laptop is
connected to.  I end up having to kill the pppd process on the Linux

Some additional info:

The hamm box is also used to dial out and connect to my ISP, so I know
that pppd works in "client" mode on my hamm installation.

The hamm box is also setup for IP forwarding/masquerading to act as an
Internet gateway to several other boxes on my Ethernet LAN when the
modem is connected to the ISP. It's working very well, but could
ipfw/masq be causing trouble with pppd as a server?

The modem is on com port 3/IRQ 4, the null modem cable uses com port
2/IRQ 3 - so I don't think I have an IRQ problem.  Besides, the getty
stuff works fine.

I saw some things entries regarding PPP in the Debian bug tracking
system but none of them seemed related to my problem.

I'm at a loss for additional ideas.

Any suggestions?  I read the digestified version of this list, so
thanks in advance.


Jeff McWilliams (jjmcwill@yahoo.com)
"The minstrel boy has gone to war,
 in the fields of death you'll find him" - author unknown

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