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Re: legal issues (suing debian, pine, et al.)

Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> > > Also, the fact of incorporation does not protect the individual who
> > > causes the liability.  If someone, for example, places copyrighted
> > > material into the debian distribution, both the person and debian
> > > are liable.
> Keith Beattie wrote:
> > Uhm, I don't mean to dump on lawyers here, but I'm pretty sure that
> > becoming overly concerned with liabilities and the like, will surely
> > *kill* any non-profit, volunteer-based organization like Debian.  The
> > chance of scaring away developers is, IMHO, quite large.
> > 
> > We should tread very carefully here.
> I disagree.  I'd be more weary of teaming up with a reckless organization
> who would prefer to `not worry about it' than one like Debian that makes
> careful decisions and sticks to them.

I certainly hope that that is the opinion of most developers.


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