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man 2 intro - SVID

I have to hand in a CS (OS) exercise that uses the SYS V sys. calls. 
I tried the intro manpage that says:

       SVID   System V Interface Definition, as described in "The
              System  V  Interface  Definition,  Fourth Edition",
              available   at   ftp://ftp.fpk.novell.com/pub/unix-
              standards/svid in Postscript files.

this domain doesn't seem to exist...
I think that the maintainer of the manpages should be notified.

BTW: At my Uni. I tried intro(2) and it was much more informative (It is

BTW2: What do you think about Stevens' book "Advanced Programming in the
Unix Environment"? Should I buy it?

BTW3: What do I have to know to contribute to Debian? I know C, C++. What
documentation should I read?


Liran Zvibel.

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