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Re: PINE Debian Package

On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, Rev. Joseph Carter wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 23, 1998 at 08:43:31AM -0700, Adam Klein wrote:
> > > How about a pine-src package with the patch included, which patches the
> > > original sources in the postinst script, builds the binary package and
> > > then installs it?
> > 
> > That's the proposed solution right now.
> Yeah, and I like it.  =>
> Despite the millions of compiler warnings pine compiles cleanly enough.

You've obviously stumbled upon a new meaning of the phrase "cleanly
enough" that I was not previously aware of.  I've come to the conclusion
that one should not compile pine with "-Wall" if one values their sanity.

Scott K. Ellis <storm@gate.net>                 http://www.gate.net/~storm/

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