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Re: pon only works for root after upgrade to hamm

Britton hat gesagt: // Britton wrote:

> I recently finished installing the hamm upgrade packages, and now ppp only
> works from root.  Is there something new that I can change in a config
> somewhere or something to fix this?  On the other hand, poff can now
> turn off pon when the connection has not yet been established yet, which
> is good.

Yes, the hamm ppp-packages has changed the location of the options and 
chatscript files so that you will have to check the permissions again. 

Quote from /usr/doc/ppp/changelog.Debian.gz

ppp (2.3b3-2) experimental; urgency=low
  * Remove /etc/ppp.chatscript and /etc/ppp.options_out
    instead use /etc/ppp/peers/provider and /etc/chatscripts/provider
    according to new upstream ppp security scheme (about which I am kind of
    puzzled right now).

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