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RE: Problems with ATI RAGE PRO AGP Card

I am working on the same thing with my system... Turns out you install
the VGA server and get it running, then update to the latest X setup via
FTP. Using the Mach64 server (I forget exactly which one - it was
described as Rage II or Rage on my CD) should work fine... Good luck!


> ----------
> From: 	Andre Byström[SMTP:andre.b@telitel.se]
> Sent: 	Thursday, April 09, 1998 12:47 AM
> To: 	'debian-user@lists.debian.org'
> Subject: 	Problems with ATI RAGE PRO AGP Card
> Hi
> As a new user of linux i wounder how to get and install XFree86 3.3.2
> =
> for
> debian.
> I have heard that support for ati rage pro AGP card driver comes with
> =
> that
> package, im i wrong?
> I have found it at ftp.funet.fi but witch part am i gone download ?
> And =
> how
> do i install it? do i really have to install the whole package?
> Hope you can help me.

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