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Re: error de instalacion

On Fri, 2 Jan 1998, pirusta wrote:

> me sale el error
> hdd:irq timeout:status 0x50 cuatro veces, luego hdd:ATAPI  reset
> complete, y
> despues de salir otras cuarto veces el otro, me sale end_request:I/O
> error,dev 16:40,sector 0.
> En principio parece ser problema del CD(hdd), pero no se porque, ya que
> arranco el PC desde el cd-rom y me arranca bien.

Are you sure the CD is configured as hdd? Is the CD (not the player, the
disk) OK? Is it a "true" CD or a CD-R? Some CD-ROM's have difficulties at
reading CD-R's. Anyway, this is *definetely* a hardware-related problem;
I'd bet on the CD media being defective. If the CD-ROM s configured as hdd
but there is nothing as hdc, you may consider changing that, putting the
CD-ROM as hdc (these kind of thing vary greatly depending on the hardware,
BIOS, motherboard etc).

> He decidido instalar LINUX porque tengo buenas referencias de este
> S.O., pero como empecemos asi con la instalacion, lo mando al carajo.

Take it easy, man! If you come from a Windows-like background, linux takes
a lot getting used to. And you will, now and then, face problems,
specially during the initial installation, when not everything is
correctly configured yet.

See ya,
That's Internet!

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