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Installing debian

In the middle of installing, I ran into a slight problem:  Linux can't
find my hard disk!!!  Obviously this is quite a problem for me, although
you guys could probably figure it out pretty quick.  When I go to make a
linux partition, I get the error message:

No hard disk drives could be found.  Make sure they are cabled
correctly and are turned on before the system is started.  You
may have to change driver settings when you start the sustem
with a command at the "boot:" prompt, or you may have to load
a driver that is in a loadable module to solve this problem.
                        <  OK  >

No! Not OK!  I just warm booted from DOS with control-alt-delete with
the linux disk in the boot drive, and before I did that DOS could find
them just fine...  Well, I guess they did say that SCSI would be a pain.


The details:  IBM 486/50  8 MB RAM, 212 MB SCSI HDD.  Currently DOS,
attempting debian.

Edward Christopher Kern

ICQ# 9984441

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