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Re: x is dead - non-free

	The news about X11 is among the more disturbing items I've
	heard in this realm--the unix-paradigm world.  An X-guru 
	coworker mentioned this possibility to me a few months ago
	but I never thought that corporate greed would sink to
	this depth. 

	But the offstage buzzer is sounding: `Wrong!'

According to George Bonser:
> On 4 Apr 1998 john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> > It is the *next* release of X that will be non-free.  The present release
> > will remain free and remain available, and XFree86 will continue to
> > maintain and support it.
> Stop!  XFree will ALWAYS be free.  It will continue to evolve in future
> releases. XFree might diverge over time from OpenGroup's X but if more
> systems use XFree than OpenGroup's X they become moot.  
> I think you will realize that OpenGroup has simply shot themselves in the
> foot bigtime.

	Yep...  Foot and head.  Any further such divisiveness and
	the commercial UNIX and X operations are going to go down
	the drain.

	gary kline

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