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Re: HP Deskjet 672C

Matt Thompson wrote:

> This printer is exactly the same as the HP 660 repackaged with a different
> model number (I know this for a fact because I work for Mac/PC Zone :) ).
> Make sure to install the gs or gs-alladin and magicfilter packages and
> choose the 'dj550c' filter when prompted.

Matt - I asked this question on the list awhile ago but got no response.
Hope you don't mind me asking you directly...

My wife has an HP DJ722c attached to her Win95 machine. Through samba
(and magicfilter and ghostscript's dj550c) I can print plain text and
postscript (from Netscape) to her printer.

When I tell Netscape to print color, nothing prints.

Any ideas? The 722c doc says it's a windows-only printer, but since the
greyscale works I'm hoping that color might work too.


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