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mail in linux...

Hey there,
  Well, I've run into some problems with trying to get mail up and running.
Currently, I'm not using X(configuration problems), but once I do, I'll
start using Mozilla.  However, I'd like to use e-mail with my system from
the command line until then.  Here's the deal.  I set up my computer with
the hostname 'castle_of_lions' and didn't get any complaints from the debian
install.  However, when I ran smail(or maybe it was fetchmail), it said
something to the effect that 'fqdn couldn't validate hostname'...  What does
that mean?  So, I changed the hostname to something easier, and it accepted
the hostname, but won't let me get mail.  I changed my computer name to
mail.inxpress.net(my mail servers provider), and used fetchmail...  I told
it to send my root mail to my main user(alfor).  When it downloaded it, it
appeared to delete the messages, and I couldn't find them in any of the
/home/(user) directories.  How can I set my system up to get and send mail?
I think I read somewhere that I need to adduser with the name of my internet
providers login/e-mail address.  However, when I try that, it won't allow me
to use that(kingalfor)  Is there a limit on the length of linux usernames?
I would like my system to have a hostname of 'castle_of_lions'.
I'd like to be able to login my system without having to make a special user
named kingalfor.
I'd also like to use elm or perhaps pine.  I'd prefer pine, but can't find
it anywhere in the distribution.  If it's there, could someone tell me where
it is, or else, how do I get it?  I've got elm, I just have to learn how to
use it.(if anyone can help me on configuring elm, that would be much
appreciated also.)  I've read the HOWTO, but it just seems to be one big
configuration file with not much help...  Maybe I'll try to look at it
again, but please, any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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