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Re: .ps or .pdf editing app

>>David Stern wrote:
>> I've tried a lot of editing apps (and conversion utilities) in hamm, 
>> but I can't find one that edits postscript or acrobat files.  Does 
>> anyone know what package I can use to edit a ps or pdf form that uses 
>> Times-Roman fonts in a variety of point sizes, with some lines (no 
>> graphics)?
>Keith Beattie wrote:
>I think one of the possible reasons why tools like this are so rare is
>because postscript and pdf are *intended* to be final, read-only,
>printer-(not human)-friendly formats.
>I was looking for a postscript editor several years back and couldn't
>find anything (other than emacs).  Months after giving up I finally
>understood the cryptic answer the local guru gave me: "you're asking
>the wrong question."
>The (unsatisfactory) is to get the source document from which
>the ps or pdf was generated, edit *that*, then generate your new
>ps or pdf in the usuall way.  If all you have is the ps or pdf,
>perhaps that too is intentional...

Still another (unsatisfactory) solution.  In the past, with no
conversion utility handy, I displayed the postscript file in one window
and coppied/Pasted it to my favorite editor in another window.  I've
done this many times on the VAX with Xwindows and surprised my friends
with less capable windowing systems by providing them with a file they
could edit.

John C. Ellingboe

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