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Re: How do I create /proc???

Paul Rightley <pright@lanl.gov> writes:

> I am trying to backup my Debian 1.3.1 system and make it bootable
> from a Jaz drive.  I have copied the essential directories (cp -a)
> from my system to the Jaz.  If I create an empty /proc directory on the
> Jaz and boot from a floppy with the Jaz as root, the boot fails
> just before I get a prompt - absolutely no error message.
> If I delete the /proc directory from the Jaz drive, I manage
> to get a login prompt (but I get many errors at bootup about
> there being no /proc directory).
> How do I resolve this problem?  I have not found any FM to R.

Today I managed to split my existing setup of one partitition for /,
/usr, /var into a three partition setup, by using cp -a. 

Did you change /etc/fstab according to your setup?
Are the necessary modules for the jaz drive includes via /etc/modules
or compiled in?

Where exacly does the boot process stop? 


P.S.: Who´s writing? Paul or Maria?
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