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Knews and missing domain-name

I asked this question a week or so ago and received no answer. I searched
the archives and found various others who asked the question and I found
either that no-one answered or what was suggested didn't work for me.

Here is the set-up:
Latest Frozen version of Debian;
dynamic ppp dialup;
leafnode gathers the newsgroups I am interested in.

Knews looks to localhost and can read news wonderfully. No problem there.
But whenever I try to post or to forward news by mail I receive the error
   Domain name not available.

>From digging in the archives, I checked my hostname (gently) which by
virtue of me being dynamic ppp does not exist outside of my own box. I
checked dnsdomainname (netins.net) this does exist and is the domain name
for my server.

My /etc/hosts reads like this:	localhost		gently.netins.net	gently

That's all I've been able to find out as meaningful from looking at
previous discussions of this question. Where can I look now?

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