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Re: FTP login incorrect when user specified

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Daniel Martin at cush wrote:

> gunfried geiger <epigg01@uni-tuebingen.de> writes:
> > Dear Linux Experts,
> > 
> > what might be the reason for the following behaviour of FTP when trying to
> > log into my Linux device: the client shows 'connected to'
> > but after specifying the user and the CORRECT password, it shows:
> > '530 Login incorrect. Login failed'
> > It can't be a problem of the hosts.allow and hosts.deny class i presume ?
> > 
> > gg
> No; if it were an /etc/hosts.deny or /etc/hosts.allow issue, you
> wouldn't even get that far.  However, ftp denies normal users the
> ability to log in if their username is listed in /etc/ftpusers, or if
> the user has a non-standard shell.  (A shell is considered
> non-standard if it's not listed in /etc/shells).
> Could either of these be the case?
thanks for the hint (and for those of other people too)
 i checked both and found:
 denied are root, uucp, news
 allowed are /bin/sh bash tcsh csh and i use tcsh, but now also tried sh
 -> no success

but: previously (months ago, before an update of some packages may be,
 as Tom Sailer suspects) everything worked well



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