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Re: mozilla.deb, get it while its hot

On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Alex Romosan wrote:

> >Hey, I don't like html mail either, but that was too hard. 
> >Dont you think so?
> >
> >Alex Y.
> not really. i usually delete such mail right away without even reading
> it. and i don't care where it comes from: my boss or from somebody off
> the net i don't even know. sorry.


Yeah.  I know what you mean.  I really hate blue envelopes.  Anything that
comes through the door in a blue envelope, I chuck it.  Don't care who
it's from, I refuse to see the white-envelope standard polluted.


Personally, I never ignore email from clients.  Whatever the format.  I
find my business improves when I'm prepared to communicate with them.


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