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Re: .ps or .pdf editing app

kotsya@u.washington.edu (David Stern) writes:

> I've tried a lot of editing apps (and conversion utilities) in hamm, 
> but I can't find one that edits postscript or acrobat files.  Does 
> anyone know what package I can use to edit a ps or pdf form that uses 
> Times-Roman fonts in a variety of point sizes, with some lines (no 
> graphics)?
> I've tried converting to .eps and editing in tgif, however that renders 
> the whole form illegible.  I've always seen ps and pdf viewers, never 
> editors.  That just doesn't seem right.  If this is off-topic, I 
> apologize.

Alladin Ghostscript seems to have decent support for going between
Postscript and PDF.

You can edit Postscript by hand with an editor, if you want.  I think
PDF is a binary format.

I don't think you'll see too many tools to graphically edit raw
Postscript files though - as it is an interpreted language based on
Forth - it's much more complicated than just a bunch of vectors.

I'd like to see a vector drawing package that could import EPS/PS
graphics, and allow editing on that.  Maybe the GNU Yellow Vector
Editor project from Japan will eventually allow this (I haven't tried
it yet):


I'd be interested in knowing which other ones people have experience
with.  I've only used xfig.

The Gimp can read in EPS, I think - but then you would just get a big
ugly bitmap.

You might be able to use something like CorelDraw.


 - Jim

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