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xterm weirdness

When I resize an xterm that has been running for a while, it shrinks
down to a very tiny size.  I am using some of the nifty features of
xterm so that may be the cause, but it looks like a bug to me.  Has
anyone else seen this?

I'm using hamm, but I haven't updated it in a while yet.  Has there
been any update to the xlib6g or xbase packages that might fix this?

Another problem I have been having seems to do with either the line
discipline, termcap/terminfo, tcsh, or some combination of the above.
I've found that the terminal settings (for xterm at least) get all
screwed up after trying to scroll through recent commands, edit files
with vi, and other things that use the cursor movement, bold, inverse,
etc. terminal codes.

This only happens, however, when I am using a non-Debian xterm to log
into my Debian system.  This happens on my Sun at home and my SGI at
work; when I connect to the Debian system, the term gets so hosed must
either do a 'hard reset' periodically or launch a Debian xterm to
display on the remote X server (which works fine).  Any ideas?


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