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Re: X11R6.4 and Debian

>>"Alex" ==   <aqy6633@acf5.nyu.edu> writes:

Alex> Turning the other cheek won't do any bad to us.

	On the contrary. The sting on the cheeks, the bruises
 bespeaking of smashed capillaries, are a mere token of what happens
 if you do not take a stand.

Alex> Turning to destructive position won't do any good.

	So you do not agree with the best defense is a good offence? 

Alex> I prefer to be on a safer side.

	The safer side is rarely curling into a foetal position and
 giving in.

Alex> Also, nothing seems to be as bad as you are trying to show, and
Alex> no need for turning the cheek for a slap.

	I think it is far, far, worse, but most of the analogies do
 not belong on a family mailing list like this one ;-)

>> Should we require a $25000 membership fees for using Debian?

Alex> I don't think there will be need for that. But those who want
Alex> derive distribution based on Debian for *commercial* use might
Alex> need to pay some fee. That's bad, but gives us a chance to
Alex> survive intsted of being "locked up" and continue to play with
Alex> outdated software and hardware.

	Good Lord, Alex, I didn't think even you would go this far ;-)

Alex> Also, let's not do any sharp moves right now. Let's wait a
Alex> little bit.

	Nope, I vote we either go with the social contract, or start
 charging, say, $25000 per seat. Or maybe even $100000 per seat. If I
 am gonna give up my principles, I want to be rich! No half way
 measures! $100,000 for each system running Debian! Yay! Rich, I tell

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