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Re: exim for intermittent ppp connection? Also fetchmail bombs out.

>> I have installed exim because of the difficulty I've had learning to
>> configure sendmail, and because of suggestions by other posters here.
>> Can anyone give me a succinct procedure to configure exim to change my
>> debian user name to my isp user name, and change my debian domain to my isp
>> domain?  Otherwise, my ISP rejects my mail as spam, telling me it doesn't
>> forward mail.
>> Thanks for any help.

 I think you have to set up an alias for the username conversion in /etc/aliases.
 For the domain stuff take look at example.conf in the doc directory, and especially
 the qualify_domains etc. options. I don't remember exactly how that is done, but
 I can always dig my old conffile from backups, if needed.


>> 	Russ
>> Russell Cook, Engineering Branch
>> WSR-88D Operational Support Facility
>> (405)366-6520 x4237
>> russcook@icon.net, rcook@osf.noaa.gov

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