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Re: ftape question

On  1 Apr, Randy Stocking wrote:
> George Bonser writes:
>> How do I determine the maximum capacity?  I have inherited a drive
>> destined to the scrapper. It appears to work just fine after making
>> a test backup using taper. The kernel reports this on bootup:
>> QIC-117B drive @1MB/sec
>> QIC-80 tape
>> Where would I look to find the capacity of this drive?
> I believe QIC 80 drives have a capacity of about 120MB uncompressed,
> although there are extended tapes that squeeze another 50MB or so.
> Try executing "mt -f /dev/ftape stat" to see information about space
> used on the tape and space remaining.

Actually, the extended qic-80(dc2120-ex) tapes hold 384MB uncompressed. 
I don't know why 384 but that is all I have been able to get on the
tapes that I have used, they label them as 400MB tapes.  

The status command didn't provide much info on the tape, in fact it was
the same for both types of tapes, regular and extended.

% mt -f /dev/ftape status
drive type = 8423552
drive status = 0
sense key error = 0
residue count = 0
file number = 0
block number = -1
gstat = 1000000


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