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mozilla.deb, get it while its hot

A Mozilla 5 package by Joey Hess is now in our master Incoming, and
will be soon at an Incoming mirror near you.  :-) You can already get
it from:


To run it you need libc6, libstdc++2.8, xlib6g, and xpm4g installed.
(The 0.0 version means it still needs a permanent maintainer.)

And yes, its actually usable, and has at least one convenient new
feature in the Window menu.  There are some glitches in HTML rendering

In addition to Incoming, this site also has a full mirror of the
mozilla source (/mozilla/1998-03-31/) and an ISO image of Debian 2.0
suitable for burning to CDR (/CD/Debian-2.0.iso, updated nightly at
0200 GMT).

It looks like the Debian and Openscape developers will work
side-by-side on this -- irc.openscape.org and irc.debian.org are the
same network.  :-)

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