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Re: why does the kernel suck up memory?

> I've noticed that when I added more memory, the extra memory went into
> "buffers". Why? I don't have a heavily loaded system which would require
> massive buffers. How can I change the kernel to stop with this unnecessary
> behavior?
> I'm trying to keep from using swap space. Once a swap partition is accessed,
> it is never dropped and I need to _not_ access swap space for performance
> reasons (IO bandwidth).

Why would you add memory and not expect your operating system to use 
it.  That would be a waste.  The Linux kernel takes your memory and 
allows various parts of your system (such as disk IO) to speed up.  

DOS doesn't do that kind of memory monitoring, and in the case of 
Microsoft (not NT), free memory is useable memory.  Because you 
memory is in cache and buffers does not mean that it will not get 
used if it is needed.



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