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Gateway/Router for WIN machines

  I have some freinds who want to be able to connect their several
Win95 machines together for gaming purposes, without going through the
internet.  There are 8 machines at one location and 2 at another. 
 I opened my big mouth and suggested setting up some "outdated" 
hardware they have (P-166 setups -- old news for hardcore game fans)
as linux routers (one at each location) to create a mini intranet.
They already have the machines at each location set up in a win95
peer-to-peer network, but only two machines can game against each
other at a time.  I believe this is because the poor Win networking is
not routing all of the protocols.  

   My questions since I'll have to hel.  Will I need a router at BOTH
ends of the link? Can I set up the linux boxes to route for the whole
network (at each location) to the internet if desired?

  And last, what, other than the NAG, should I get my hands on as far
as documentation is concerned to set up a linux box to be nothing
other than a network gateway/router for a bunch of WinDoze boxes. I've
never done it so I need as much of a "step-by-step as is available.

   Please reply to me and CC: the list as I am roughly 3000 messages
behind in reading the list due to a new job with rather odd hours.
Gerald V. Livingston II

Reply to gvl@141.com

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