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Re: lilo, linux and win95

On Sat, 14 Mar 1998 02:18:13 PST, wrote:
> howdy all.....:-) 
> Just installed Debian linux and win95 on a system and wish to have dual boot 
> system with LILO as boot manager. 
> cfdisk shows: 
> /dev/hda1  Boot Primary Dos FAT16  (has Win95 installed on it) 
> /dev/hda5       Logical Linux 
> /dev/hda6       Logical Linux Swap 
> If I run LILO and tell it to generate a new /etc/lilo.conf and then answer: 
> Install a partition boot record to boot linux from /dev/hda5?    yes 
> Install a master boot record on /dev/hada                        yes 
> Make /dev/hda5 the active partition?                             yes 

I'm not intimately familiar with liloconfig (I think that's what you're 
using), but you can only have one lilo boot record, so take your pick 
-- either lilo will reside on the master boot record -OR- on the linux 
"root" partition (/dev/hda5).  Whichever partition you put the boot 
record on, you need to set active.

If you pick the mbr, say goodbye to your win95 bootloader, because lilo 
will overwrite the win95 bootloader (you won't be able to boot win95).  
Actually, there should be one backup copy to restore from.  However, if 
you keep each os'es bootloader on their own partition, you can just 
change the active (bootable) partition to get the other os, should lilo 
fail for any reason.  This, you can safely and easily do with either 
linux or dos fdisk, and this  eliminates the problem of one boot record 
overwriting the other.

I haven't tried it yet, but there's also a "chos" ("choose OS") package 
in hamm that is supposed to make a nice menu at boot.  Undoubtedly, 
there are numerous other possibilities, as well.

The best lilo reference I found (though somewhat long and terse):

There should also be a number of mini-howto's on booting possibilities:

David Stern                          

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