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Re: Tcl/Tk source ?

On Tue, 10 Mar 1998, Markus Lechner wrote:

> Thanks, this information helps a lot.
> > Note that if you build the source yourself, dpkg won't
> > know that you've installed tcl and will give you lots of dependency
> > errors.  This is poor.
> >
> I wondered if there is a way to 'mimic' install/remove with dpkg?
> Thanks,
>     Mac

If you go to /var/lib/dpkg, you will find a file called status. This
appears to be how dselect keeps track of what's installed/configured/etc.
The format is pretty self explanitory, so you should be able to hack the
status line of the package in question, "fooling" dselect into thinking it
installed the package.


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