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Re: Mostly fresh start install?

On Mon, 09 Mar 1998 16:54:22 EST, T-SNAKE wrote:
> I want to mostly start anew with my install, since I think during my software
> install, I hit some wierd button accidentally and it FLEW through a bunch of
> prompted questions and I think totally screwed sendmail... so I'm gonna start
> over. BUT, I'm not sure what the best way to proceed is.

Isn't there a "sendmailconfig" (I forget the exact name)?  Use it.

If you want to re-run the sendmail post-install script, you can find it 
in /var/lib/dpkg/info/sendmail*.

> Should I just re-initialize my partitions (with the rescue disk), which 
> assuming will delete the info on them? Or do I need to do something more
> drastic? The only partition change I want to make is I (I don't know why)
> a 32MB and 16MB partition for swap, but might as well combine them for one
> 48MB swap partition....

I don't know why you did that either :-).  You should be able to 
disable your swap partitions (man swapoff) and then fdisk delete the 
two swap partitions, and then create a new swap partition.  The only 
thing I'm not sure about is how to format a swap partition.  No need to 
re-install.  The cliche I always heard regarding Linux re-installs was: 
"this isn't win95".  Don't forget to update your /etc/fstab to show the 
correct partition(s) before you reboot.

I've re-installed after using development kernels, compiling a lot of 
my own software, and following upgrades on a more popular (and flaky) 
Linux distro, but I haven't found the need with Debian.  I even 
upgraded to hamm without problems (the hamm mta is hosed imho, but 
that's another story..).

> Any reccomendations? I'm NOT using HAMM. I believe I am using 1.3.1 or
> something like that...
> peace,

If these are truly your only reasons for starting over, I'd say don't 
do it, because you'll have to reconfigure your printer, X-windows, and 
all the rest needlessly.

The cliche you'll probably hear is: "Linux isn't win95". IOW: just 
because you had to reinstall win95 doesn't mean you need to reinstall 
Linux; you just need to reconfigure.  This can usually be done without 
rebooting, by stopping and restarting services (I don't want to tell 
you wrong, and I don't recall if bo was different in this area.)

FWIW, I even resize my / , /var , /home , /usr partitions by copying 
them elsewhere, resizing them with fdisk, reformatting, and then 
copying them back.
David Stern                          

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