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Re: emacs starting very slow

Catalin Popescu wrote:
> I have Debian Linux 1.3. running on a 486-66Mhz with 32 Mb RAM with me as
> a single user. Until recently emacs was starting in about 2-3 seconds. In
> the last few days I've noticed that it takes about 12--15 seconds to
> start. What could possibly have happened? It seems that also other
> programs (such as pine) are running more slowly.

Hmm, I have a 486-33 and I swear that thing gets slower everyday!

Seriously, if it is Xemacs you are running, a quick test, for purposes
of elimination, would be to try the suggestion made in a posting last

(summary: "touch /tmp/.sockets/audio0" before starting Xemacs.)

If that is not the problem, have you made any software, network,
hardware or BIOS changes lately?


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