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Re: Q2 with hamm

>> On Sat, 7 Mar 1998 22:18:23 +0200, "Jaakko Niemi" <liiwi@lonesom.pp.fi> said:
>> > 
>> >  Just tried 3.14a, and it somehow doesn't take -nosound or -noaudio,
>> >  which make Q2 bomb because of broken sound in 2.1.88 and 2.1.89 won't
>> >  compile cleanly, so here we go again :)
>> I think all the switches-as-such are gone, only console commands (via +)
>> work now.  Try
>>     quake2 +set s_initsound 0
>> instead.

 Will try that. Is there a list of those commands somewhere? Or some command
 to list them?

 Btw. Got it working with .88, had some problems with modules auto unloading
 and had to manually unload them and then load again. Voodoo rocks :)


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