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dosemu and graphics

David Morris writes:

> I have the latest (hamm) dosemu installed for a text based program and
> have tried to get it to run in graphics mode so the games are more
> accessible.

> However, as a normal user I can't get it. If I try to run vgaon it kicks

You don't need to run vgaon. All you need to run graphic apps in
dosemu is configure your video card/monitor in dosemu.conf. It's
somewhat painfull, but you need to do it carefully, and then you'll be
able to run graphics under console and X.

I do!

> What can I change to all my normal user account to access the video?

/etc/dosemu/conf, in the new versions...

> PS. On a related note, it would be nice to get graphics in the xdos
> windows, but I get the same error as above even logged on as root. Any
> hints on this one?

Yes, edit /etc/dosemu/conf :^>

Sorry for the joke. I hope you can get it.

Luiz Otavio L. Zorzella                 Product Engineer
zorzella@conexware.com          http://www.conexware.com

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