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Re: debian root boot disks

On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, Ronald James McEachern wrote:

> can you direct me to detailed instructions on exact commands and files
> needed to install linux debian on a 1 gig dos partition?

First of all - my two cents - DON'T (in other words DO NOT) install linux on
a DOS partition (which means, that you have to use UMSDOS as your root
fillsystem). You will not be happy with this solution. If you don't want to
re-partition your hard drive, go out and buy another. The 1.2 Gig drives are
cheap (because no one want's them anymore) out there.

Second - here are the URL's:

- Debian GNU/Linux Home Page

- Debian GNU/Linux User Documentation

- Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide (as HTML Document)

I hope this will help you.



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