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Re: Kernel Install

On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, Scott Walker wrote:

> Ok, this is a BIG nasty weird problem.
> I'm runnig Debian With default Kernel 2.0.29

So we're in bo, I take it.

> I grabbed Kernel 2.0.33 from ftp.kernel.org
> and did the following steps:
> tar zpfxv linux_2.0.33.tar.gz
> cd linux
> make mrproper
> make menuconfig
> make dep
> make clean
> make zlilo
> make modules
> make modules_install
> reboot
> Now, on ANY other machine.. doing a uname -a or checking /proc/version I'd
> have Linux 2.0.33 blah lah lah... But not on this box... it's still saying
> 2.0.29. Now I left the machine running for an hour.. and still.. 2.0.29..
> so I rebooted.. still 2.0.29.. I copied the kernel I compiled to a disk
> and boot the disk in another machine.. kernel 2.0.33. Now I check the
> 'screwed' machine by attacking it with land/teardrop to see if it was just
> a version screw up and it was really running 2.0.33 just not reporting
> it.. and it bombed. so it's still running 2.0.29. does anyone hve ANY
> ideas about this? I have recompiled, reinstalled, reunpacked and
> redownloaded the kernel multiple times and it still will nt update.

Well it pretty obviously put the compiled kernel somewhere where 
something couldn't find it, so it just carried on using the old one.
Presumably it consistently did the same thing multiple times, which is a 

I notice you're using a linux tarball and not the Debian kernel-source 
package, so there may be some sort of tweak missing. For example, the 
linux/Makefile says:

# INSTALL_PATH specifies where to place the updated kernel and system map
# images.  Uncomment if you want to place them anywhere other than root.


Now I compile my own kernels from kernel-source packages and I don't 
touch that line. However, "make install" always puts the new kernel and 
map in /boot (and moves symlinks in root), so something must be Debianised.

You could try changing make zlilo to make zImage and make install and see
where the kernel image ends up (remember the System.map too).

Alternatively, you could get 33 in a debian package from unstable - I've 
compiled it for the joystick on a bo system without any problems.


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