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Re: wtmp upgrade problems

Paul McDermott wrote:
> Hello everybody, I am having problems with some programs after the bo to
> hamm upgrade.  when I use last or any other commands that use the file
> wtmp.  I have some problems, ie last does give me garbage for people
> logged in.  The other problem is that wtmp does not update the anonymous
> ftp account.  I have 2 logged in for the past two days.  I did the steps
> after the upgrade to create a new wtmp file. mv wtmp, touch wtmp rm -f
> /var/log/utmp. touch utmp then shutdown -r now.  things did not change.
> At least this month I don't have garbage from the last output.  Anyone
> else have this problem.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Paul
> paul@braille.uwo.ca

>From the excellent auotup.sh script:
# The latest version of this script can always be found at:
#       http://www.taz.net.au/autoup/autoup/
# and at:
#       http://csanders.vicnet.net.au/autoup/
# please check that you have the latest version before
running this
# script.
----------------[ snipped ]----------------
Finally, remember to fix up wtmp and utmp, otherwise last
who and sac etc wont work. here's what Miquel van
<miquels@cistron.nl> had to say about this recently in
mailing list:

    > 1. You need to update ALL your packages to hamm
    > 2. Reboot if you haven't done that already
    > 3. You need to move the wtmp file and truncate the
utmp file:
    >    cd /var/log
    >    mv wtmp wtmp.libc5
    >    touch wtmp
    >    cd /var/run
    >    cp /dev/null utmp
    > 4. You might want to reboot again to make sure
    > This is because the "struct utmp" and thus the utmp
and wtmp
    > "databases" are different between libc5 and libc6

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