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Re: your book and Debian Kernel Construction

	Henry Hollenberg     speed@barney.iamerica.net 

On 2 Mar 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> 	Firstly, if you have make-kpkg, nevenr never never do make
>  distclean; as it wipes out your .config file ;-(
> 	make-kpkg clean saves your .config, runs make distclean, does
>  some more debian specific cleanup, and restores the .config file. No
>  fuss, and you get all the benefits of make-distclean as well.
> 	As to the age of the files, the deb file was created at 06:21,
>  and the kernel image in /boot says 06:10, so it is earlier, right?
>  What am I missing?

I guess I don't understand how these tools do their job....I assumed that
when the .deb file "copied" the kernel image to /boot that would give the
kernel image a "new" time stamp.

What it sounds like you are implying is that the kernel image preserves 
it's time stamp from the time it was compiled/created throughout the
process of being copied to .deb and /boot without change....thus the
kernel image should have an earlier timestamp......I think...

I guess it's back to UNIX 101.  Let's see....last modification, last inode
change and last access....I guess ls -l must give you last

> 	manoj
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