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Re: Ultra ATA HD Controller Comaptibility

On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, Joe Hill wrote:

: I am looking for a version of Linux that is compatible with my IDE HD
: controller, which is an "Ultra ATA" controller on a recent Gateway
: 2000 PC (300 MHz P II).  According to the Redhat site, this controller
: is not compatible with Redhat ... my questions are:  to anyone's
: knowledge, is the current version of the Debian/Linux compatible (is
: this version 2.0.33 of the kernel?) and what is it that makes Redhat
: not compatible with this particular controller?  Thanks for your help
: ... 

IIRC, the Ultra-ATA spec is either so new or proprietary that it hasn't
made its way into the linux kernel yet.  I do know that 2.0.32 didn't
support the Promise Ultra-ATA (which I believe Gateway ships), and
that's why RedHat is also "not compatible".

Unless someone who knows more than I do can point you to a development
kernel or module for Ultra-ATA, the suggested solution so far has been
to ditch the Promise controller and use the standard IDE controller, if
the motherboard has one.

By the way, you could compile (or have someone compile) a 2.0.33 kernel,
copy that kernel to a "Rescue" disk, and boot.  If the kernel recognizes
your stuff, you're ok.


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