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Re: Where did /usr/tmp go?

Thanks for the information.  I edited the appropriate tripwire
config file and had it use /var/tmp instead.  Everything is
working fine again.  Should this behavior be filed as a bug
against tripwire (if it hasn't already been done).


On 25-Feb-98 Behan Webster wrote:
> Paul Rightley wrote:
>> Last night, tripwire -initialize failed on me because I (suddenly?)
>> had no /usr/tmp directory.  I swear I had one before.  I made a
>> new one and chmod'ed it to 1777, but what happened to the old
>> directory?  Does anyone have any ideas?
> You never actually had a /usr/tmp.  It was a link to /var/tmp.  The
> latest base-files removed the link as it should no longer be necessary. 
> That link was for compatibility with older packages.  Packages that
> should have already been updated to use /var/tmp.
> I suspect you updated your packages to the latest available from hamm
> yesterday?
> I didn't make the change, I just watch the announcement on debian-devel.
> Behan
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