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Re: Thanks :)

Pine is clearly one of the better documented programs in the world of
computing.  If you press the '?' key from almost anywhere other than
when in 'compose' then pine gives you help.

As Remco mentioned the 'h' command is the one that you want to toggle
between 'all headers' and 'normal headers'.  However, in all of the
recent distributions of pine that I have seen recently, this command is
disabled by default.  So to enable 'toggling header display', from the
main menu type:
's', then 'c', scroll down a couple of screenfulls until you see:
'[ ] enable-full-header-cmd', with that entry highlighted, press 'x'.
Then press 'e' answer the 'save/cancle' question.

When any of the entries is highlighted, pressing '?' will give you a
help explanation.

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