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Re: Xircom CE10-BC PCMCIA Ethernetadapter

At 12:04 PM 3/1/98 +0100, Rene Bagia wrote:
>    Hallo,  i am a new Debian Linux user,  so i have a little problem to
>install my pcmcia card service correctly, so i  can  use my XIRCOM CE10
>Pcmcia  Ethernet Adapter.  I try to install with dselect  the pcmcia card
>service and the pcmcia modules for the 2.0.29 Kernel but i cant  use it.  I
>am verry happy for every  help.  So i hope i can use my cord basicly  or
>not?   best Reguards Rene 

Check out


he offers a driver complete with source

I'm in the process of installing it myself so I can't gaurantee it's success.


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